$99 Radio Ad Pkg

A national advertising package

  • 200 Radio Ads

    30-sec ads on PNN Radio, ClubHits.fm, PNN ONE, PNN on-Demand.

  • Ad Production

    We create your radio commercial with our award-winning production.

  • Social Blast

    A social ad blast campaign to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

  • Amazing extras!!

    FREE web host pkg! Free $100 Google Adwords! Free $100 Bing Ads!

Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

This advertising is great for events, entertainment, products, apps, electronics, LGBT, music, TV, movies, travel, money-making.



TuneIn   Radionomy   Streema
Roku   shoutcast   Windows Mobile
Android   iphone   chromecast
Listen on Soundcloud   Listen on itunes   listen on castbox

If you're having an event, this is the advertising campaign you should use.
How could I possibly pass on this deal. Amazing price, amazing results.
I use this over and over. It's a no brainer.
Just look at the deal. With all the bonuses, it's like getting paid to use it.
I liked seeing first hand the results from my web host's stats! It works!
I was hesitant because it sounded too good to be true. It wasn't.